Life Before Life

In the Beginning

I plan on exploring the inner and outer workings of me, my life, friends, beloveds, acquaintences, those who inspire me and even those who motivate me in “negative” ways to move away, distance or disown those parts. These are all motivators for my soul essence, that part that survives and thrives through the ages and emerges out the other end resulting in a creation that I call “myself”.  I honor, recognize and applaud those catalysts for change and evolution.

But what is it to be “me” ?  What’s it like to be anyone at all when in reality, or actuality, we are all eternal beings having human (or other forms of physical experiences and/or sentient life experiences) and do our best, while incarnated in form, to explain that which we call “life”?

There are more questions than answers and yet there’s not likely to be any one answer for any question. So we just explore, ponder, wonder, contemplate, examine and discuss.

To whom do I speak? Why it’s you who’ve found your way here and bother to read my discourse on existence.

I remember being here on Earth many times.  I also have the impression, besides the full on lifetimes I recall, that I might have been here in other places on this planet but I only get impressions and feel drawn to those areas. But then again, I may have been an explorer of some kind and visited many places rather than having full incarnations in separate times.

It’s late as I write this and my mind is tired.  So enough for now. More to come as inspiration funnels through my fingers.

This is a blog, after all, and it can be as flawed or perfect as the mood dictates.

Janet Kira Lessin


Dance of the Souls


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  1. This is the first comment on my new site. I do hope you become a member and follow me as I update the chapters of my lives and path that I travel through existence. Many things are as yet not recovered or remembered. But the process of typing inspires my soul to connect to all that ever was and ever will be.

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